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Have you read about Dachshund Days of Summer – our new fundraising campaign yet?  If not, you should! Seriously, go now!  We’ll wait…

You’re back? OK, good!

Now that you know a little background on how many dogs we’ve been able to help and the different tiers of donating, let’s get personal. To our organization – each dachshund or “furever friend” is a short, fuzzy, family member who doesn’t speak clearly.  By and large, our biggest measure of success is getting to see the wagging tails, hearing the happy howls and feeling the snuggles & kisses of each dog that we’re able to help.

We wish we could say that we get by on love alone. However, we haven’t come across a veterinary practice yet that is willing to let us pay our medical bills in puppy kisses. Darn it! Don’t they know that dachshund kisses are worth more than gold?!

The simple truth is that we need YOU just as much as the dogs need us.  For example, little Cricket was our internet star with quite a few people following her progress. Do you remember her?  You can read about little Cricket here and here. She needed a lot of medical intervention – something we wouldn’t have been able to provide without wonderful donors like you! Look at Cricket then, and look at her now in our “Happy Tails” section! Isn’t that wonderful?!

Cricket - Dapple Dachshund

Here’s a quick reminder of how to donate:

PayPal – To become a sustaining donor via PayPal, click here to visit our website donation page and select a dollar amount for your recurring gift. To help us in defraying administrative expenses, Furever Dachshund Rescue requests that your monthly gift be a minimum of $5. From there, your contributions will be automatically charged to your PayPal account.

Credit Card – If you would prefer to donate via Credit Card, please contact our fundraising chairperson, Fabre Sanders at to get set up.

We’ll be back to show you who else you’ve helped by donating!


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