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Well Loved Fritzie – We Remember Da DogFather #Doxieposse

Fritzie - pinned #Da #DogFather to the #Doxieposse on Twitter

Fritzie – pinned #Da #DogFather to the #Doxieposse on Twitter

You may remember a post from FDR that circulated around social media back in February of this year about this sweet little long-haired dachshund named, Fritzie. His 21st birthday was the reason for the article and as we can all attest to being blessed to have a pet reach their 21st is definitely reason for celebration! (not that all birthdays aren’t enough reason, but you get my meaning behind this).

Well, I  just found out about half an hour ago from a tweet from Fritzie’s mother that this beautiful boy had passed on to Heaven! Sadness doesn’t begin to express how I feel. But I do realize that he is in a much better place, free of pain, old age and other inconveniences of life. However the sadness has to run its course for all those that Fritzie encountered and loved by social media and most importantly his humans that impacted his life so richly, in order for the healing to take shape.

There is no denying that Fritzie was well loved far and abroad by lots of people, some he never met but instantly became close to on twitter and other social media sites. He and his mother, Polly, shared the interactions with their followers. I mean after all a 21 year old dog’s paws might react a little more sensitive to the keyboard and little chubby paws were not designed to use smartphones, bol. But those that interacted with either knew the special bond they shared with each other and others alike (present party included).

As Fritzie’s title suggests in his cameo shot, he had a LOOOONG following on Twitter of lots of dachshunds and their people. My pup, Abbey being one of those that was honored by being in Fritzie’s #DogFather #doxieposse of furiends. So if you get the opportunity please reach out to Fritzie’s family and provide a condolence or two. Fritzie’s twitter account is @fritziethedoxie. Or if you would rather place a comment on this page I will make sure and pass it along to Polly in Fritzie’s memory.

I felt honored to be twitter buddies with Fritzie and his family. Fritzie will always be furever in my  heart!


A special dachshund well remembered,

Jennifer, Abbey, Bailey Zoe & Sir Graystone


Happy Tails Fur Riley aka Otto!



Dear Furever Dachshund Rescue,
We wanted to share with everyone our joy about our newest family member. As you know we recently adopted Riley (aka Otto). We have been looking for a new family member to add to our pack and through ups and downs we found him. Riley is brilliant, adventurous and sweet as can be. He now has a family to call his own and he completes our dachshund 6 pack. Thank you so very much for this beautiful little soul who will never have to worry about a home again.



Happy Tails Fur McGee aka Stanley










Stanley made great strides again today. We were out with him all day! He was SO friendly to people, and a little shaky with other dogs. He walked next to our friend’s cockapoo on the trail, and let him get really close to him after he got comfortable. He finally pooped! (of course, it was in the house though). He’s eating a whole lot more since we added the wet food. He loves the Greenies! And of course he’s a huge cuddler. Loves to climb on us and just sit there and sleep. Still seems really, really tired… we are definitely wearing him out! 

Allison, Scott & Stanley”


What a beautiful family photo! McGee was one of our hoarding dogs we rescued and was mauled. Bless his heart he is adapting very well now!

Tootsie Update – A Wiener Tale!





Hi Ladies,
I just wanted to update you with how well things are going for Tootsie and her new family – Gail & Lulubelle.  Tootsie had her appointment with my friend and vet this morning and got 5 stars.  Dr Chew just rescued her 2nd doxie and was totally taken with Tootsie.  It’s nice to have someone that is both friend and vet and also experienced with dachshunds – she gave me some great information.  Tootsie has taken over the household and most importantly, loves my younger grandchildren and always wants to be with them – this makes Lulu very jealous.  She has adapted well to sleeping in the bed with me and Lulu; and Lulu is a very tolerant Basset Hound when it comes to meal time – trust me. She’s now eating a mixture of Merrick Senior kibble along with their canned stew grain free variety – of course, my home cooked chicken, sweet potatoes, apples and carrots.  Still weighs 12 lbs. and in perfect health. 
This past weekend I decided to open the doggie door and train her how to go thru – it’s one of those double energy saving doors.  As I took the second security panel off from inside, she charge right thru – so much for training her.  I will be sending you a bill for all the holes in my backyard – my God, the bassets loved to dig but she’s definitely OCD in dogs!  Yesterday she showed up in the house with a buried bone from my Pollyanna – which must have been buried before the frost and long before her death in mid January. She has full range of the yard and house and never puts the 10-S ball down.  I have supplemented the 10-S ball with my daughters old lacrosse ball – she can’t destroy this one!
I have a retired neighbor whose poodle digs constantly and escaped until he made his yard “dog digger proof” and he’s offered to make my yard “Tootsie Proof” because she has some areas that I’m afraid she’ll get out.  He’s volunteering to do this because he’s going stir crazy being newly retired and knows what it’s like with a digger – so until then I keep a watchful eye on her.  I have been snowboarding with my ski club almost every Friday on bus trips which means I’m away about 12 hours – my neighbor and family let the 2 dogs out and feed them – this hasn’t been a problem at all – they always find Tootsie snuggled in the large doggie bed with Lulu.  She is a great car rider – I purchased the small safety harness with seat belt attachment for her and have been able to take both dogs to different parks in my area.
Well, one of these days you will get pictures, but until then I wanted to thank all three of you for bringing Tootsie into my life – what a great companion – love her snuggled on my lap those cold winter nights in front of the fireplace.  I do alternate with 35 lb. Lulu so nobody gets hurt feelings.  
Forever Grateful Doxie Owner,   Gail Cotler 



A Special Shout-Out To Cookie The Senior!

We are proud to report that even though it took our little Cookie a looooong time to find her perfect furever home that she was definitely meant to be a part of her new family! She just celebrated her 12th birthday and here is the beautiful girl all dressed up to celebrate!



Me so happy!!!!

Me so happy!!!!

Memorial Candles Tribute Campaign!

Mourning Lights Campaign

                                                  Mourning Lights Campaign

We have a unique and incredible opportunity to be involved with a wienerful campaign – Mourning Lights! They will donate $6 for every candle sold to our rescue! As you will see they have beautiful merchandise that memorializes that special loved one in a most precious way! In order for us to receive the donation you must access their site through our links, either on our blog, email, facebook or website They will track how the traffic comes to their site so we can get credit for your purchases! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! And thank you in advance for your contribution! What a beautiful way to  memorialize your pet or human!

A Special Dachshund Is Honored!

Fritzie, the mentor for all Dachshunds young and old alike

Fritzie, the mentor for all Dachshunds young and old alike

This sweet precious longhaired dachshund is a personal friend of the blog post writer who is honored to know such a beautiful and blessed pup and his mommy, Polly! Fritzie has turned 21 years old which we all know in dog years is a million and a half but this dear sweet soul has kept his youthful glow for many years. He lives in the UK and he and his sisfur Mitzie adopted their mommy at age 6. He is also a wienerful example of an IVDD survivor at age 12.5 and how they can overcome and recover completely!

Affectionately known as 'The DogFather' to his #doxieposse

Affectionately known as ‘Da DogFather’ to his #doxieposse

Fritzie has a huge ‘pack’ of followers on Twitter where he has been active with his #doxieposse for some time now. My little pup, Abbey, also called ‘Abbeywabs’ by Da DogFather himself is  also a member of the #doxieposse along with many others. Together with Fritzie, leading the way, these doxies spread the word to help other animals in need gain exposure in the social network known as Twitter. Please feel free to message Fritzie and let him know how special he is on his BIG day! We all know how much of a blessing it is to have a pet and to know that 21 years of age is definitely a reason to CELEBRATE!!

February 1st from 10-12 EST we will be pawyting with the most special man of all – Fritzie, Da DogFather! Pawlease join us. You can follow hashtags – #FritziePosse #doxieposse or #dfpawty on Twitter and locate the pawty or you can look up Fritzie at  @fritziethedoxie

Fritzie loves one and all cause that's just how special he is!

Fritzie loves one and all cause that’s just how special he is!